How to Clean Your Kid’s Room Like a Pro

Whether it’s a regular clean-up or a detailed upkeep of the whole home, your kid’s room is probably a part of the checklist. We all know kids love making a mess, which is why tidying up this single room can be extremely demanding and time-consuming. In order to do this the right way, you should either make a good plan or look for the help of professionals who offer reliable maid services in Timonium, MD, and the region.

To help you organize and perform the clean-up thoroughly and efficiently, we’ve prepared some helpful guidelines.

How do you deep clean a child's bedroom

How do you deep clean a child’s bedroom?

You thoroughly sanitized your kitchen, make sure your bathroom is spick and span, you even ensured the living room is fresh and presentable, and now it’s time to deal with your little one’s bedroom. Although taking care of this room can seem harder and more complicated than the rest of the tasks, there are steps you can follow to make sure you perform it in a completely hassle-free manner:

Gather supplies

The best way to start the clean-up is to gather all the necessary supplies in one place. Bring the vacuum, mop, cloths, agents, garbage bags, as well as baskets and bins to sort your kid’s items.


Now it’s time to make sure you sort through your child’s belongings and decide what belongs there, what should be thrown away, and what should be placed somewhere else. Check every corner, including the area under and behind the bed. 


After you’ve gathered and sorted through all of the items, you should make sure you organize them. Place the toys in a plastic bin and books in the other one. You should also put the dirty clothes and toys in two containers and find a spot for the clean ones. 


You should remove the old bedding and replace it with a new and fresh one. When it comes to the mattress, you should vacuum it and remove the dust between the rails. You can also opt for the deep clean or simply flip it over to the cleaner side. 


Dust from top to bottom so you can catch the dust that accumulates on the items below. Use a microfiber cloth and tackle every item, including the ceiling fan, lights, blinds, and vent ducts. This will ensure the room is a healthier environment for your child.


Mop the floor after you’ve vacuumed it, and make sure you wipe all of the appliances inside out. You should scrub the desk and the dresser, while also making sure you wipe the windows, mirror, and other reflective surfaces.


Most of the space is filled with toys because they’re the things your little ones use the most. Make sure you sanitize each and every toy. Wash them in the washing machine or use hot soapy water and place them where they belong.

Who offers reliable maid services in Timonium, MD, and the area?

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