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Dirt Detectives Cleaning of Phoenix are a locally-owned industry leader in an array of maid services, including deep, recurring, and move in/move out cleaning. Our track record of over 27 years and a range of happy clients, has taught us how to render top-quality service to thousands of happy customers across Hunt Valley and the neighboring communities.

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You are 30 seconds away from a clean home! Contact us today for a free estimate and discover how sparkling clean your house can be.

    Our process for efficient one-time & recurring maid service

    We respect your time, so we have a time-efficient scheduling procedure in place. Your next session for deep, recurring, or move in/move out cleaning in Hunt Valley is just a couple of clicks away. It’s fast and easy, so try it out!

    Swift Booking

    Check out our website, select the best date, time, and type of service, and your session is arranged!

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    Open your doors to our team and they will take care of every nook and cranny of your home.

    Gift of Time

    Time waits for no one, so you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy it without worries about pending chores.

    Your #1 choice for regular & move in/out cleaning in Hunt Valley

    The reason we stand out from the crowd isn't just our commitment to excellence. There are other advantages why you should pick us among other providers. We employ an experience-based approach that doesn’t miss the mark. Our company is:


    Founded in 1993, we’re still owned and run by a Maryland local who forms close & meaningful relations with our loyal clients.


    With many years of experience under our belt, we’ve become a household name in our area and the ratings reflect that.


    Once we introduce you to an expert, they’ll get to know about your habits, preferences, pet names, and other important details.


    Our experts are detailed: they’ll closely follow a tailor-made to-do list to ensure the complete cleanliness of your residence.


    We’re at your beck and call: we’ll create a custom recipe list for your home that will contain specific instructions and requests for our agents.

    Eco- & pet-friendly

    Our inventory includes sophisticated supplies that ensure your home is hygienic without putting your health or the planet at risk.

    Our versatile experts render top-quality results

    To provide an excellent outcome in every session, our team works in unison. Our clients in Hunt Valley and the vicinity rely on the competence and flexible mindset of our cleaners. To achieve unwavering quality, our team also boasts the following traits:
    • Insured & Bonded: Our entire team carries insurance coverage with full workers’ compensation for the commitment to the success of our company.
    • Trained & Experienced: We have enlisted a crew of proficient experts who follow your standard and custom checklists with a high level of precision and care.
    • Screened & Vetted: In order to recruit the most reliable, amicable, and savvy professionals, we conduct thorough background checks and in-depth interviews.
    • Client-focused & Respectable: Our team knows the importance of first impressions and maintaining trust, so they easily achieve a 5-star rating.
    • Focused on Quality: Our staff goes to great lengths to uphold the highest standards of quality, keeping our loyal clients in Hunt Valley happy.
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    We aim for your complete satisfaction

    To ensure that you’re completely happy with the assistance provided, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy in place. Whether you go with move in/move out, recurring, or deep cleaning, you can count on our experts to provide comprehensive help that caters to your specific requirements.

    However, if you notice that some area of your home isn’t tackled properly, a quick call within 24 hours can fix that. We’ll send out a trusted team member to reclean the area in question for no additional fee. After all, a healthy and fresh home is what you deserve!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the three types of cleaning?

      There are a couple of ways to classify house cleaning services. Most commonly, established providers in Hunt Valley and the vicinity should offer the following three types of packages:

      • Standard maid service or recurring cleaning, which involves dusting all surfaces, vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, and sanitizing high contact areas in bathrooms and kitchens.
      • Deep cleaning, which includes more in-depth removal of dust, cobwebs, and grime from hidden corners, countertops, and cabinets.
      • Move-in/move-out cleaning, at the end of the tenancy period, landlords need to have their property thoroughly cleaned for new renters, and tenants rely on this service to get their deposit back.
    • What is included in a deep cleaning?

      Deep cleaning entails more comprehensive handling of all open surfaces, as well as hidden corners, and surfaces behind and beneath appliances. This is especially important when you clean your house for the first time professionally, as it makes future maintenance easier. Here are the tasks that will be typically included in this type of work:

      • Mopping all floors
      • Dusting and wiping all horizontal and vertical surfaces
      • Mopping and dusting behind all appliances
      • Vacuuming all carpets and rugs
      • Vacuuming and dusting beneath and behind furniture
      • Dusting lamp shades
      • Dusting door frames, baseboards, and window frames
      • Sanitizing bathroom sinks, toilets, and bathtubs/showers
      • Tackling kitchen sink and appliances
      • Dusting kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplash.

      To check what will be involved in your package and if which services extras can be added to your checklist, contact Dirt Detectives Cleaning of Phoenix today!

    • Is move in/move out cleaning worth it?

      Although it is technically possible to clean up your home before you relocate and leave the keys to the next homeowners or tenants, many people lack the time, experience, or will to do this while they are already busy with other relocation commitments.

      There are several benefits to hiring professionals for move out and move in cleaning in Hunt Valley:

      • Tenants are more likely to receive their deposit back.
      • Landlords are more likely to have a clean property before new tenants move in.
      • The place will be presentable, hygienic, and ready for new occupants.
      • The resale value of the property will be preserved.
      • Future upkeep of your property will be easier.
      • Everyone involved will save precious time and energy.
    • Is monthly maid service enough?

      This depends on various factors. First, there’s the square footage of your home, the general condition of your property, and if you need additional assistance in the meantime.

      For example, if you have a big family, or pets, high-traffic areas are likely to get messy very soon. Or, if you like to cook in your spare time, yet you have a very busy schedule, you’d have to deal with dirty surfaces, stovetops, sink, and oven. A monthly upkeep probably won’t be the best option for you.

      To learn what would be the best schedule for recurring cleaning, it’s best to consult with your local professionals in Hunt Valley. This way, you’ll receive a package that best suits your needs.

    • Where can I find detailed house cleaning services in Hunt Valley & the vicinity?

      When you live in Hunt Valley, you have plenty of options to spend your free time. Why waste it on chores, when you can enjoy leisure activities along the NCR Trail or in the Oregon Ridge Park. Focus on your loved ones, forget about your worries, and leave it up to Dirt Detectives Cleaning of Phoenix.

      We are your leading local providers of various types of residential cleaning services in the area. Our staff has all the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to assist you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need:

      We’ll inspect your property and get rid of anything that stands in the way of your sparkling clean home. Give us a call today!