Common House Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid: Part 2

Whether we like it or not, home upkeep is a must when it comes to maintaining proper hygiene. However, focusing on the efficiency of this process is not something many people relish doing. The truth is many things homeowners do in the name of sanitizing their homes do more harm than good in the long run. 

What’s more, this is one of the main reasons why they choose to hire pros who offer a house cleaning service and can help them with the upkeep of their home in Hunt Valley and the vicinity. We decided to be of help, too. This is why we’ve prepared a list of common mistakes people should avoid when doing the clean-up. Read on!

What are the most common cleaning mistakes?

House Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Apart from forgetting to clean certain hard-to-reach areas or simply not regularly sanitizing their cleaning equipment, there are other mistakes people tend to make when cleaning their property:

Not cleaning before disinfection

Many people don’t realize the difference between the processes of cleaning and disinfection, especially the order in which they should be performed. You should start with the first one. This means getting rid of bigger particles such as dust and grime. Then goes the disinfection part, where you get rid of bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

Not cleaning your vacuum

Your vacuum cleaner is your ally when it comes to having clean floors. Make sure it’s working properly by checking the hose for any objects that might block the airflow and removing hair and fluff from your brush roller. Make sure you empty dust canisters and replace the filters at least once a month. Replace the bag on time, and don’t wait for it to burst.

Spraying wood polish directly on your furniture

Spraying your product directly on a wooden surface creates a stubborn build-up. It’s not only tough to remove but also attracts even more dust and grime while soaking the wood with polish. Make sure to spray the cleaning solution on a cloth before wiping the surface. This way, you’ll avoid staining and achieve even application.

Spraying electronics

Sanitizing your electronics is essential for keeping them germ-free. However, spraying your disinfectant directly on them can cause them to malfunction or even break. Thus, make sure you protect your expensive and important equipment from moisture by spraying your cleanser onto the cloth before you wipe them. This is something every expert would advise you to do.

Using an excessive amount of a product

Many homeowners think that using more product on a surface will boost its efficiency and shorten the waiting period. However, it can damage the surface and make the whole process more time-consuming because it’ll take a while to wipe off all of it. Alternatively, you should make sure to spatter the normal amount of cleaning product, and you’ll get optimum results.

Who offers a reliable house cleaning service in Hunt Valley and the area?

With almost three decades of experience in providing our appreciated clients with fresh and presentable homes and making them satisfied with every step of the process, we assure you Dirt Detectives is the company you’re looking for. Thanks to our client-centric philosophy and detail-oriented approach, we continue to stand out from our competition year after year. 

Regardless of whether you need a regular clean-up or you have additional services on your mind, our pros will tailor a personalized plan that fits your needs and requirements. We use tried-and-tested methods and natural products that won’t harm you, your family, or your pets.

Whether you live near Oregon Ridge Park or in the vicinity, rely on us and forget about your tedious chores. Call us today or book your appointment online!

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