Keeping a Healthy Home Environment

How do you keep a healthy home environmentYour health is not just about what you eat or how much you exercise. It is also about what kind of air you breathe, and where you sleep, work, and live. Microorganisms and contaminants are everywhere. A healthy home environment is essential to your general well-being. 

In Lutherville and the surrounding communities, the easiest way to keep your home clean and safe is to hire professional house cleaning services. However, if you prefer to deal with it yourself, read on to find out how to keep a healthy home environment. 

What is a healthy home environment?

A clean and healthy home affects our long-term health as well as our quality of life. The place where you live should be clean, dry, pest-free, contaminant-free, ventilated and regularly maintained. 


A healthy home is a home without dust, stains, grime, grease, or gunk. It will keep away pest infestations and contaminants, prevent disease, and help you stay energetic and well.


Damp places are breeding grounds for mites, roaches, and rodents which can cause asthma and allergies. Keeping your home dry will reduce the risk of developing these problems. 


Exposure to pests such as mice or cockroaches can cause asthma and allergies, make other health problems worse, and even result in serious illnesses and can be fatal if left untreated.


Substances such as lead, radon, pesticides, asbestos particles, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and tobacco smoke are more dangerous indoors than outside. 


The constant fresh air supply in your home is important for respiratory health. Regular airflow prevents the development of microscopic air contaminants, like some types of bacteria and mold.


Don’t neglect your home. Only regular maintenance can prevent all the above-mentioned problems and related health conditions. 

How do you keep a healthy home environment?

Making your home a safe and healthy retreat for your family is not so difficult. Just a few simple tweaks will do the trick. 

Dust regularly 

Removing dust should be one of the most important parts of your maintenance process. Dust harbors a variety of toxins, as well as dust mites, which can cause allergies and asthma. You should dust thoroughly, with a wet mop, microfiber or moist towels, and a vacuum cleaner, depending on the surface. You should also do it frequently, especially if you are prone to allergies

Get mold under control

If you have small amounts of mold in your home, you can remove it with hot water and dish detergent. If it is more widely spread, you’ll need to hire a professional. 

Once you’ve removed it, you should prevent mold from growing again. You can do this by repairing any water leaks in your home, using exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen, and keeping humidity low. 

Avoid the use of harsh chemicals 

Try not to use chemical-based products. Chemicals in cleaners are toxic and they can cause a myriad of negative health consequences. Instead, you can use safer alternatives, such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon, essential oils, or plain soap and water.

Get an air purifier 

Clean air is essential for good health. In addition to ventilating your home regularly, it’s a good idea to buy a quality air purifier. We can’t escape air pollution, but we can reduce the risk of inhaling dangerous particles which can lead to lung and even heart diseases.  

What is a healthy home environmentWhere in Lutherville can I hire reliable house cleaning services? 

Your home is the place where you spend most of your time, so it is important to keep it clean, safe, and healthy. The professionals from Dirt Detective Cleaning will tackle any challenge you might have for them and leave your home shiny and spotless. 

You can take a day off and check out the Fire Museum of Maryland with your family while our trained and well-experienced cleaners take care of every little detail in your home. Book today! 

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