6 Home Areas People Easily Forget to Clean

We all do the house cleaning so often that we think we’ve got everything under control, managing to keep every area and corner in our House Valley residence clean. However, while following a regular clean-up routine makes it easy to deal with the obvious areas, other things can be overlooked in the process. 

These are mostly the areas that are out of sight out of mind, with hidden dirt and dust that accumulate over time. In order to avoid being surprised by an unexpected pile of debris and germs, you should learn to pay attention to the places that are often overlooked. 

To help you cover every inch of your home and never miss a dirty spot again, we’ve prepared a useful article where you’ll find 6 spaces you’re probably forgetting to clean.

What are the most ignored areas when cleaning a house?

What are the most ignored areas when cleaning a house

Making mistakes when cleaning is completely normal. Even if you’re making sure to thoroughly and frequently sanitize your home, there might be a few forgotten corners that are harboring a world of dust and dirt. Here are 6 spots seasoned cleaning experts advise not to neglect when cleaning your home:

1. Undersides of furniture

You probably never forget to look under your bed or sofa and eliminate the dust there. However, you probably ignore the actual bottom of the furniture piece. When you finally take a look there, you might be surprised by what’s clinging to bed frames, table braces, and chair seats. 

2. Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans usually accumulate dust on their blades, spreading it throughout the room and eventually home. Make sure to thoroughly clean them once in a season using a cloth, microfiber duster, or covering them with a pillowcase. 

3. Trash cans

These containers are naturally dirty which means they should be sanitized thoroughly once in a while. Take your trash can outside, scrub it inside//out with an all-purpose cleaner, and then use disinfectant. After you complete this, your bin will smell better and be cleaned for a while.

4. Top and bottom of the fridge

When wiping the sides and handles, make sure to scrub the top of the fridge and the area under and behind it. Foods and drinks can easily be spilled around this kitchen appliance which means that these spots can become a real grease and dirt trap if you neglect them. 

5. Toothbrush holder

One of the frequent housekeeping mistakes is forgetting to wash the toothbrush holder. This can be an unpleasant task to perform, due to the toothpaste and water remains that can gather at the bottom. Soak the holder in a solution of your choice, rinse it, and air dry it upside down.

6. Remotes

During the home clean-up, television remotes and controllers are one of the most neglected household items. This is a high-touch area, perfect for germs to pile up. Remove the batteries and thoroughly wipe all remotes using a slightly wet cloth or wet wipes. 

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Who should I call if I need expert house cleaning in Hunt Valley?

If you want a trained and dependable crew of professionals that will carefully sanitize your home from top to bottom, hire Dirt Detective Cleaning and stop worrying about tedious cleaning tasks. We utilize a completely client-centered approach and make sure we customize the cleaning checklist per your requirements. 

This is possible thanks to our thoroughly created “blueprint” that contains every step of the process, along with all your special requests. Whether you need deep, recurring, or move-in/out clean-ups, our background-checked and trained professionals will be at your disposal. 

While you hike down the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail, we’ll make sure no corner of your residence is forgotten. Call us today!

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