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As one of the reputable house cleaning professionals in Cockeysville and the region, Dirt Detectives boasts three decades of experience in performing a detail-oriented sanitization from top to bottom. Whether you’re in need of recurring, deep, or move in/out cleaning, place your household tasks into the hands of our reliable pros and reclaim your free time. We’re here to ensure the job is completed in a timely and hassle-free manner.

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With our carefully created “blueprint”, we’ll have all your special requests and needs in one place, ready to follow them carefully. Whether you need deep, recurring, or move in/out house cleaning, you can rest assured we’ll streamline the process per your expectations.

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As a locally owned company that boasts thirty years of experience in performing meticulous apartment and house cleanings to boost the overall quality of our clients’ lives, we have what it takes to successfully complete the clean-up regardless of the condition of your home in Cockeysville or your personal preferences.

Locally-owned company

We’ve been serving the residents of Maryland for over thirty years and counting.

Trustworthy experts

Thanks to a carefully selected team, our services are always delivered with utmost care and precision.

Committed to our clients

We go the extra mile in order to get to know you and maximize the value we provide with each house cleaning.

Detail-oriented “blueprint”

We listen to our clients’ specificities and write them down in our thoroughly created checklist.

Fully customized clean-ups

We’ll make sure your vision of a clean house matches the final results after we complete our job.

Low-impact products

We use eco-friendly products without toxic chemicals for your safety and peace of mind.

Our client-centric approach checks all the boxes

The fact that we strive to not only sanitize our client’s homes in Cockeysville but also get to learn more about the way they want their homes to be spruced up is only one of the reasons we stand out from our competitors. Rely on our rigorously trained and screened pros and make sure we’re:
  • Licensed & insured: We only hire team members who are bonded, insured, and fully licensed. 
  • Capable: Our experts know ins and outs of every clean-up task. 
  • Polite: Our technicians will be more than happy to listen to your needs and inquiries. 
  • Appreciated: Positive reviews of our happy clients are the reason why we’re in this for. 
  • Focused on quality: We’re devoted to delivering high-quality house cleaning services whether you’re in need of a recurring, deep, apartment, or move in/out cleaning services.
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Say goodbye to dirt and dust with the help of our trusted pros

We’ve gathered a team of trained, insured, and bonded professionals ready to make your place of residence spotless in no time. Your peace of mind and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us. For this reason, on the off chance you’re not happy with the way we’ve cleaned an area at your home, call us and we’ll send someone to resolve the issue free of charge. Hire us and experience one of the best house cleanings near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it worth paying someone to clean your house?

    Absolutely! If you hire a reliable and trained group to sanitize your home, you’ll get a thoroughly tidied up environment and reclaim your free time. Once you choose one of the professional cleaning services near you, you’ll realize it’s worth the money.

  • How long does deep cleaning last?

    Deep cleaning is generally a more complex and lengthy type of clean-up because it consists of thoroughly sanitizing the place in Cockeysville from top to bottom, including hard-to-reach areas. The duration of this process will vary depending on the size and condition of your space, as well as your special requests.

  • Is recurring cleaning worth it?

    Recurring cleaning can include weekly, biweekly or monthly appointments that will significantly help you maintain the cleanliness of your home in Cockeysville and the area.

  • How do I prepare for a move in/out cleaning?

    If you hire us to perform move in/out cleaning for you, the only thing you should do is pack and declutter your belongings so our pros have enough space to work.

  • Where can I find a trusted house cleaning service in Cockeysville, MD & the region?

    If you want a dependable crew to provide you with high-quality service, we’ll be more than happy to help you. We’re a reputable company that boasts 30 years of experience in performing all-encompassing housekeeping services across Maryland. Whether you’re in need of customized and thorough household clean-up in Phoenix, professional-grade residential cleaning in Perry Hall, or detailed and efficient house cleaning in Timonium and the nearby area, rest assured we’ve got you covered!

    If you’re located near Cockeysville, reach out to us and forget about tedious chores. Schedule your appointment today!

  • How much should someone pay to clean their house?

    It all depends on who you hire. Those offering cleaning services include the following 4 types of providers along with an average rate that they charge and the pros and cons of each provider.

    • INDEPENDENT CLEANERS ( usually a one-person operation who is looking to make extra money while in between jobs, however many independent contractors make cleaning their lifelong job as they enjoy the flexibility and working independently)
      Independent cleaners charge between $25-30 per hour, based on that rate a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo, living room, dining, kitchen, and family room and the cost would be around $120.00, a 3 bedroom 3 bath would be closer to $165.00. They can be found on Facebook groups, Nextdoor and or referred to you by friends and family

        • You can create a custom list of chores to be done and they will probably be ok with that as you are one of a handful of clients they serve and they will go out of their way to please you.
        • It costs less than other providers.
        • Most insurance does not carry workers’ compensation or liability insurance, which means if they fall at your home, they can sue you, it would be paid out by your homeowner’s insurance or if it were a lifelong injury you could be held personally liable. It also means with no liability insurance if they forgot and left a sink running and flooded your home, or broke a priceless antique, or caught your house on fire you are on your own and it won’t be covered.
        • Background Checks Are you conducting a background check on them? Remember your home is where your favorite things and people are, you can’t be too careful with who you are letting in your home. If something goes missing, who is helping you? If it’s less than $5,000 and you don’t have proof are you going to drag them through court to try to get your money back?
        • Who is providing the supplies for cleaning? Are they bringing the supplies? Are you providing the supplies? ( not so cheap anymore) are they using your vacuum? Who is liable if they suck something up in the hose and the vacuum no longer works when you go to use it? 4. Training..who trained them how to clean? Do they really know how to clean or just figured they would clean because, welp anyone can do it right? Have you seen those ticktocks where people pour toilet bowl cleaner on shower tile floors? Does your cleaner know the difference between ceramic tile and marble? No? Welp she just ruined your $8,000 marble shower floor. Does your cleaner know NOT to spray your expensive TV with an index?
        • Reliability: Kids get sick, cars break down, or maybe your cleaner decided to move back to South Carolina to be closer to family and you have a graduation party coming up in 2 days and your cleaner just canceled. Now what?
        • Vacation Pay / Taxes: Summer is here and you are out of town every other week, and your cleaner wants you to pay her to save your spot. Maybe your cleaner has worked for you for over 5 years and now she is being audited. You show up as an “employer” yet you have never contributed to her taxes and retirement.
    • LOCALLY OWNED CLEANING SERVICES A locally owned and operated business has an office near your community and serves the general area within a 25-mile radius of its main office.
      LOCALLY OWNED CLEANING SERVICES charge between $45-65 an hour based on that rate a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo, living room, dining, kitchen, family room, and the cost would be around $165.00, a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom would be closer to $200.00, and they can be found in Google search results, home mailers and referred by friends and family.

        • Insurance: They carry workman compensation and most carry a large liability package as the price of homes has risen. If something happens in your home, you would be covered.
        • Background Checks: They conduct background checks to ensure the people they hire do not have a criminal background and are who they say they are. Due to being a small business they take providing a good service and being trusted seriously.
        • Supplies: They provide all of the cleaning supplies. Chances are most small cleaning companies have honed in on their favorite cleaners and tools and prefer to use what they know works and equipment they are familiar with. Many provide Eco Friendly options if you ask.
        • Training: They train employees on their systems and cleaning procedures and how to use the cleaners they use in the business and how to use the equipment they supply them with. While many think “ anyone can clean houses” you would be surprised what goes into a training manual for cleaning. Things like “don’t run the beater bar of the vacuum over the end of rug fringes,”, “don’t push the vacuum so hard it bangs into the clients’ furniture”, and “ never ever wipe an oil painting, feather dust only”.
        • Vacation Pay/ Taxes Locally Owned Cleaning Services usually ask you to give them 2 weeks notice when you have a vacation planned so they can arrange for your regular cleaner to work on a different house while you are gone so your cleaner can still earn a full paycheck and not miss any hours. Go on vacation, just please give them notice. Taxes are taken into account and handled when they run payroll. No worries
        • PERSONALIZED ATTENTION TO YOUR NEEDS: To a small business you aren’t just a client. You matter, and they want to please you and keep you happy. Small businesses have the highest retention rate for clients and employees. We know every client and every employee are the heart of our small business and we are Thankful for the opportunity to serve you.
        • They may not be as flexible on tasks they will perform or supplies to be used as they have created systems and procedures to keep cleaning quality up to a standard they have set. (For example, if they do not use bleach, yet you LOVE the smell of bleach, they may not be willing to bend that rule for you they have in place)
    • FRANCHISED CLEANING SERVICES ( Merry Maids, Molly Maids, The Cleaning Authority, Maid Pro)
      Franchised Cleaning Services charge between $60-$85 an hour; based on that rate, a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo, living room, dining, kitchen, and family room the cost would be around $195.00 and a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom would run closer to $245.00

  • What is done in a regular house cleaning?

    A regular recurring clean, done either weekly or bi-weekly (done after an initial deep cleaning to get the house to an even level of cleanliness), usually includes the following items cleaned during your visit.

    1. The trash from rooms is to be cleaned and emptied.
    2. Floors dry dusted to remove hair and debris.
    3. Beds were stripped and changed if requested.
    4. Sheets put into washer and dryer if requested.
    5. Dry/ wet dusting in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and other shared space rooms.
    6. Vacuuming of floors, rugs, and furniture.
    7. Kitchens
      1. Counters scrubbed and rinsed, coffee pots rinsed and cleaned and wiped down.
      2. Toaster ovens scrubbed and wiped clean.
      3. Stove tops scrubbed and cleaned, drip pans scrubbed and cleaned.
      4. Cabinets spot cleaned, floors washed
    8. Bathrooms
      1. Showers and tubs scrubbed and rinsed.
      2. Counters scrubbed and rinsed.
      3. Toilet scrubbed and sanitized.
      4. Cabinets spot cleaned, floors washed.
      5. Mirrors cleaned to a shine.
      6. Final touches would include cleaning the glass on sliding doors in rooms on the cleaning list and the glass to the door where you enter your home.

    Items to be rotated to maintain a clean home that should be performed on a monthly basis include the following – Baseboards, ceiling fans, windowsills, and light fixtures.

    Most locally owned cleaning services and Franchise models have rotation schedules in place to keep your home sparkling by adding these tasks to your cleaning

  • Do you tip your house cleaners ? and if so how much?

    If you are having a one-time or first-time cleaning done that requires hard work and a ton of scrubbing a tip is always appreciated. If your cleaners were there for a half day or 4 hours, a good tip would be $30 for each cleaner. If your cleaners worked for a full day, or close to 8 hours, $50 for each cleaner would be considered a good tip. These types of cleaning jobs require a lot of work, and a tip is always appreciated.

    For regular recurring services ( weekly or biweekly), most do NOT expect a tip every time they clean. The standard protocol is to tip an equal amount of 1 cleaning during the holidays. So if your weekly cleaning is $225 and you have 2 cleaners, you would split that between the 2 cleaners; if you have 1 cleaner who visits you regularly, you would give that cleaner the full $225 as a bonus. An added note: Most cleaners prefer cash over gifts. Most people who take on the role of cleaning houses are moms who are raising a family, sometimes alone, and they work hard all year, and a tip during the Holiday season can always be very helpful and appreciated.

    A lot of cleaning companies pay a low hourly rate and make promises that customers tip often. Then they put a tip request on every invoice they send out to clients. This is to offset the low wage they are paying. Your cleaning rate should be your cleaning rate. As stated, one-time and first-time cleans that take hours and are hard are the most appropriate times to tip.

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